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Welcome back to 2020

Thanks for your patience and happy new year.

I've got a bit of an update and then I'd love to provide a snippet into what I'll be producing on this blog over 2020.

Mid last year, I got bored with my time off after LT2 and I trialled doing sales for small tech companies. I came to the realisation that unless I am fully involved full-time, or I started the company - I won't be motivated to do the best work possible... So, I started working on my next venture.

I spent approximately 3-4months full-time on the idea: understanding the ecosystem, legislation, customer, model, finding a team etc. etc. we/I then went on to starting a fundraising period - where we got over $250,000 committed out of around $500,000 we needed to start the venture properly.

Then on the 20th(ish) of December 2019, another article came out in the News which tied together a whole bunch of inaccurate information and out-of-context sentences. The very next day an investor emailed me and pulled out and then on the 6th(ish) of January the second and we were left with $50k.

So I've decided to move on from doing my own things for a while and helping others as an interim CEO*. I'll go into companies that need short term prioritisation, difficult decision making and also strategies to build value into the future, once I've completed the contract I'll move onto the next.

I am also going to launch a podcast interview series called 'The Fisherman's Club' - where I will be interviewing people who dared to be different and did or didn't have success with it.

I'll be focussing on: Crisis, path setting, leadership and anti fragility. I'll start it off with my own story, (warning) it will be raw - the interviewees can use podcast as their chance to explain their side of the story and show their true learnings.

Here's the list of things I'd like to talk about in the near future - I'll be using this blog almost as my out-a-loud thinking spot.

  • Release IM - I'm going to release the full IM of the idea that got hampered by media, this IM is the minimum of what I'd expect for an investment over $250k from anyone.

  • Fishermans club - I’ll go first - then hopefully some other will have the courage to tell the tough stories.

  • Release DD doc - The way that an investors thinks about your investment - except most of them don't have a model for it, I do

  • How to do strategy quickly

  • Best books I read 2019

  • Building range + secrets of being highly creative people

  • Hype business idea

  • Calendar app business idea

  • Sales to voice business idea

  • Live controversial business idea

  • Bipolar comedy

  • Esport coaching

  • Fucken cool business names

  • No cool guys gym business idea

  • How people are blind at seeing good opportunities - Specifically my Christies pitch

  • Bursts of work

  • Finding meaning in work - Brought from a gaming psychologist

  • Thinking fast and slow

  • Convincing people

  • Finding unique insights/ perspectives

Thank you.

Speak soon,


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