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How much experimentation and innovation is too much?

I am not sure, I am sure that without the right strategy or funding behind you - it can ruin your business. I know first hand.

It was my goal in my last business to create global first, world class operating processes to enable startups the best chance at success possible. We created a culture that was anchored by daily commitments to improving one process, conducting one experiment and going over and above for one stakeholder.

The drive to become the most advanced and first actually took priority over a lot of our core business competencies and ended up hurting us. In the end it was difficult to sell the IP because at this time, IP is looked at mostly as some sort of voodoo magic (usually owned by the founder) and thus without acquiring the founder then there is nothing unique to acquire.

But what if innovation and data became an asset class rather than a cost?

Clearly people are taking this seriously this link is a great insight into some thought leaders in the space of Data as an asset class. If you get really keen you can download the full scope from the World Economic Forum here.

Source: Bain and Company, World Economic Forum report,

I am not smart enough to give you a detailed rundown of how Data as Asset classes could boost the value of your business.

But I know if Innovation as an Asset Class became reality - all of the experimentation and R+D that you did in your business could be cross examined against a potential buyers' experimentation and R+D and the money/time spent + some IP value allocation would be added to your valuation. Instead of what currently happens, ignored or argued over.

The people who create our future should be rewarded, rather than taken advantage of. When is the last time you heard about someone or a business who made the innovation and then was winning in their industry? Never.

I feel sorry for the guy who invented McNuggets.

P.s all of my posts are first drafts, my researcher will buff them out — so make sure to write in and ask for extensions or explanations if you are interested. Also, I write the way I speak - I don't particularly care for detailed grammar etc. I don't understand peoples obsession with it.


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