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If you can find someone like this, back them heavy.

Unwavering self belief 24/7.

Only a few times in your lifetime will you come across someone that no-matter what the challenge, problem, set-back or rules that are set - they back themselves in.

Some 'tells' that someone has unwavering self belief.

1. Couldn't care less who hates them

2. Always moving forward

3. After you tell them they will hit the golf ball in the water, they hit it on the green

4. Unlimited risk apetite

5. Always shooting for the moon

6. Literally will never put themselves down

Yes I could be describing Donald Trump, but I am also describing Elon Musk and Muhammad Ali.

If you know anyone like this - send them my way. I want to collect them!

P.s all of my posts are first drafts, my researcher will buff them out — so make sure to write in and ask for extensions or explanations if you are interested.


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