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You can't imagine how many times you have 'left money on the table' in a negotiation. If you believe that you are only as good as the next person, than okay, you can accept a salary equal to the next person.

BUT, if you have any self belief and are willing to back yourself - start getting more bullish about what you deserve. Be like Dan.

The majority of the majors literally only have sales teams here in Australia because they know they can own an industry by taking on more American style sales methods. It's true Australian's look down upon the 'salesy' type, but they'll be looking up once your ahead on the commission charts.

Let me explain.

There are plenty of fish in the sea. I don't promote burning bridges, but if someone is not interested in taking your offer - than you can thank them and just move onto the next. One percent interest is still a percent and you can always come back another time to try again.

There are so many opportunities out there and there are just as many people (bosses) who appreciate direct, honest, transparent and hardworking people. I know I am.

So how do you go about it?

The greatest book I've ever read on negotiation is called Never Split the Difference. In essence if you are a hostage negotiator - you can't really split the difference. If you pay one terrorist, then you'd have to pay all of them and you clearly can't negotiate on letting a portion of a hostage or hostages go.

A friend of mine recently went for a job that he is highly equipped to do. They offered him $250,000 on the spot. He grabbed a pen and added a zero on the end... You guessed it, they met him at more than triple the original offer.

^If you haven't been approached and need to demonstrate your worth alongside adding the extra zero - read on :)

Why not treat your job negotiation like a sales negotiation?

When you do a normal sales first you see if someone has the budget and that are the decision-maker. If not, ask for a referral or make a note and move on.

If they are - work to understand their key needs, what they are looking for, opportunities etc.

If you don't fit that mould, why waste time? ask for a referral or make a note and move on.

A quick hedge on being bullish.

a) Work towards building your personal brand as someone who is completely transparent and will do whatever guy say you will

b) Make sure what you are looking to commit too you are 90+% sure you can execute

c) Always prepare your ammunition to back-up your claims

Here's an example of a past proposal I sent (that worked).

Thanks for your time X - great to hear that you are exploring ways to ramp up the capacity of X.

In my experience making quick-fire-hires results in opportunity lost on on-boarding, training and seepage - here's where I could come in. 

At the moment I already run a team (although I am only representing myself here) that comes onboard with great products that are struggling with sales and ramps up their revenue generation in a quick period and leaves the processes, systems, strategies and tactics along with replacements of ourselves as part of a package.

Here are my thoughts about what I could execute regarding both X and X (with the limited knowledge I have regarding your operation there):

Starting with non-quantifiable;

- Work with the marketing team to develop a compelling story regarding X and both the X sites

- Create a targeted market sales strategy inline with the budgets

- Develop smart (cost effective) customer acquisition strategies

- Review/ iterate the physical co-working offering to suit 'best practice'

- Develop best-practice processes and systems for sales to leave behind

Moving onto quantifiable; (need info on plans, pricing, timelines etc.) - Pre-sell - historically my worst performance was to X, I would do this via filling an outbound lead funnel in mostly tech-enabled 'old-school' techniques. (I'd be happy to discuss a target here)

- Find support staff - find the perfect professional admin/ support person to enable operations and also support with sales - I would only need 1x support staff per X (no other sales staff or admin required (unless you prefer)

- Ongoing Sales - historically I was selling X per week so I would expect a similar outcome (I'd be happy to discuss a target here)

- Find replacement GM - Replace myself with the perfect person

*It would take 3 months for pre-sales and 3 months for building a consistent sales pipeline with a month-or-so either side for the strategy and hiring. Hence a bird in the hand is likely worth more than two in a bush in this opportunity cost scenario: Imperfect 'GM' hire > 40+ hours training ($25x40 = $960) + Recruitment fee (12%@ $200k = $24,000) 

+ Salary (8 months @ $200k = $133,333) 

+ Experience seepage @50% lost opportunity per week @$1350/office x 1 x 8 months = $43,200)

Pre sales > Pre sales 'crickets' Vs breakeven = $118,000/mth per site (3-6 months) = $354,000

+4-5 sales per week VS 1-2 per week > As above

Total opportunity lost over 8 month period: $555,493 (not including reducing acquisition fee by more than 50% per customer).

Linked IN as you requested

My current Salary run-rate for this Fin year: $X AUD/PA so I would assume

remuneration inline with that, since relocation would be part of the deal I'd expect that as a base with no upside required.

If we started pre-November, we could use that period for the strategy work and pre-sales for a mid-Jan start to ramp up hard in X.

Worst case scenario, I would accomplish the same sales as anyone we could find - with less staffing in a shorter period of time, but also leave all of the systems, processes and tactics trails for the next 'GM'.

Looking forward to chatting more,


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