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I’ve seen it a thousand times.

Founders staying at work for extended days on end, drinking at night to relax and re-focussing with coffee. These are symptoms of overwhelm which come hand-in-hand with a lack of direction and thus lack of priorities.

So how do you step away and re-focus?

Clearly you can do a prioritisation or urgency matrix and either stop doing certain things or delegate them - but more importantly every decision you make should be coming from a plan.

I’d recommend doing quarterly plans, even the YC accelerator batch is 3 months - so it must be a thing.

Step 1 (bottom right box).

Clearly define your: Vision , USP and how you execute it.

Step 2.

Clearly define your overall objectives: The objectives are the different products/ actions you are going to take to execute your vision/ create differentiation with your product and brand from others.

Step 3.

Clearly define strategy;

Where to play: Your blue ocean objective or key marketing/positioning/target mission How to win: The actions you need to take to enable your objectives

Step 4.

Clearly define your goals: What do you need to execute in order to reach this quarters success?

Step 5.

Clearly define your measures: What are your core KPI’s or measures you need to be optimising for as a business? Is churn a problem then look at NPS? Is revenue how you are going to be judged on your valuation? What is your customers core concern or your pure metric?

Make sure these are in line with your goals set above

Step 6.

Clearly define the people you need to execute the above:

Step 7.

Create a ket actions table for each of your staff and exactly what they need to accomplish, aligned with your new targets.

Key action page. Q2

Step 8.

Use the above to create a list of experiments and actions to take in order to optimise the way you reach your targets.

Step 9.

Allocate all of the agreed actions and experiments to either your calendar (that should be shared amongst your team) or to

Step 10.


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