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One of the biggest issues I had early in my business career was my expectations of others.

I was obsessed with work and the mission so I could work upwards of 100 hours a week (I’m sure a lot of this wasn’t productive of course). However that led to plenty of staff churn even when expectations were set clearly before starting.

Due to my own burnouts (twice) and also my realisation of growing a successful team I’ve come to realise three important things.

1. If you work 100 hours a week and you want to replace yourself with another CEO* etc. how can you possibly expect them to have the same drive? You are setting yourself and this person up for guaranteed underwhelming failure.

2. Focus is how you overcome the volume issue. By having set business optimisation focusses such as a specific MRR which wills guarantee a buyout number and your customers pure metric - you are empowered to set goals and reject anything that does not align with them.

3. Patience is how you overcome the expectation anxiety. Double the time you expect anything to work as you dream it should. Plan and set expectations with caution and you will reach them sustainably. If your core team works crazy hours so that your burn rate is low (by keeping staff overheads down) and achievements are high - then when you are scaling out your forecasts they are 100% unrealistic because if you replaced yourselves you wouldn’t achieve any of the targets with the same staffing budget.

Run your business sustainably from the get-go and be extremely focussed on what matters so that you can achieve great things in a short period.

Neither you or I are smart enough or have enough capital to build the current Facebook from day one.

* side note. Yes someone somewhere else is probably building the same thing you are and for every hour you take off they might get further ahead. But it is also true that the first to market almost never wins. So if you play sustainably with long term strategies - you maybe be behind, but it might just be for your betterment.

P.s all of my posts are first drafts, my researcher will buff them out — so make sure to write in and ask for extensions or explanations if you are interested. Also, I write the way I speak - I don't particularly care for detailed grammar etc. I don't understand peoples obsession with it.


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