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A really interesting question I was asked before starting again

Have a go. Seed some idea's and take a weekend to consider.

Use this to ensure that the next business you start, or join, ticks ALL boxes. You'll be surprised about the nuances that an activity like this can bring - such as - none of my choices below align with a startup...

What is my perfect business, the one that serves ME the most?

What is my perfect business consist of:

  • Variety

  • Complex challenges 

  • Future scenarios/ Big tailwinds

  • A core/ happy customer base

  • Some scale-ability

  • Driven people who learn quickly

  • A big vision

What serves me:

  • Creativity‘

  • World firsts’

  • Working with people I love and respect 

  • Fixing problems 

  • Flexibility 

  • To be paid what I deserve 

  • The ability to have a laugh and or a break without guilt

What is my perfect role in that business:

  • Strategy - opportunities, threats, positioning, key stakeholders

  • People - hiring, inspiring, guiding

  • Structures - setting up best practices and thought guides and allowing staff to own and evolve them


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