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I watched something on youtube recently from Jordan Peterson about reviewing your life in six epochs and using it to release the past and use the learnings for the future.

I found it quite interesting:

Here is mine (I've removed some names and last names for sensitivity purposes). This is of-course v1 and I continually think of things each day to add.

I found a good way to prompt memories was to play music that was from that epoch...

1. Papua New Guinea and Manilla

What things I remember

● Spending time on the farm

● Always over fed

● No technology

● Absolute freedom

● Feeling less physically gifted than the others

● Nannies

● Swimming

● Dressing up and feeling free about it

● Sweet things

● Being naked all the time

● Presents

What major emotional things I remember

● Annihilating myself on the pushbike down the gravel

● Picking up the melted bar

● Feeling like I was black

● Feeling free

● No anxiety about anything

● Feeling lesser than the others * admiring their contentment

● Feeling like a king

● Expectations

How did they affect me

● Longterm feeling of connection to developing world

● An appreciation of non-technology based creativity

● A sense of belonging

● Built greed

● Discontentment

● A feeling developed that I was different to everyone

What I would have done differently or not

● Stayed more in touch and visited more often

● Forgiven Mikey

● Spent more time appreciating culture instead of consuming

How I learned for the next epoch

● I learned how to accept and make friends with any kind of person

● I learned to be myself and love that at all times

● To not show off

2. Primary school

What things I remember

● Ruchy

● Zest for life

● Waking up early

● Loving sport

● Excitement for little things - cheese tv, secret lollipops

● Changing houses a lot

● Changing nannies a lot

● Changing dogs a lot

● Dad never there

● Mum missed every birthday

● Friday night swimming

● Wests rugby

● My core friends justin, jack, clive and playing halo

● Choosing after school care - just loving playing

What major emotional things I remember

● Never being good enough at rugby for dad

● Getting caught for stealing

● First crush - Jacqui

● The difficulty of choosing the school to attend

How did they affect me

● A feeling developed of having to be the best at everything and showing off

What I would have done differently or not

● Kept friends that went to separate schools closer

● Stopped caring about winning and help others so that we could be the best as a group

How I learned for the next epoch

● Most friends don’t last forever

● You can’t win everything

3. High School

What things I remember

● Excitement of getting into wesley - but lewy got moved

● Meeting Wadey

● Owning rugby - but resting on laurels

● Consistent injuries

● Joining water polo and finding the friends I really gelled with

● Not being good enough at waterpolo for dad

● Politics in sports

● Being friends with all-but-four kids at school

● How private boys school makes you nervous with girls

● Rolling up my pants due to the heat

● Getting out of trouble

● Fighting other schools on the weekends

● 5ths cricket and 3rds bball - doing sport for fun

● Playing wow 24/7

● Being the best at computer games

● Having my own unit

● Nights with the guys when the parent are away and struggling to convince girls to come over

● Realising that I am not smart - I can just memorise and remember patterns, I am way more creative

● Realising the power of doing the subject you enjoy

● Finding Gym and my advancement in getting big compared to others

● Finding a role-model-and soon not-to-be - big middas

● Finding people on my level of crazy or different - stevo (maybe more)

What major emotional things I remember

● Never understanding why girls didnt like me - Full body transformation

● Hurting my back - taking me out of my cycle and using as an excuse for rugby

● Giving up on waterpolo because I didn’t like training

● Beginning to understand how people can let you down - Duncan kicking me in polo, Alex ditching me because of Bek

How did they affect me

● I built this absolute intensity and hatred/ resentment for everything that wasn’t on my team or the way I wanted it

● Intensity showed me how to get further with fitness and built work ethic I never had

● I grew my superiority complex

What I would have done differently or not

● Been less of a cunt to people close to me

● Not given up on waterpolo

● Started my back recovery early and finishing off y12 rugby properly

● Be more confident and comfortable inside

How I learned for the next epoch

● Looking good gets you far

● Being ‘friends’ with a lot of people gets you far

● Hard work gets you far

4. PT and Steel fixing

What things I remember

● Work hard so you never have to steel fix again

● I couldn’t accept people not trying hard

● I found it hard to sell something I didn’t really care about

● Friday night RE and rum draft

What major emotional things I remember

● Realisation of how much I hate old school macho shit

● How running a service based company is not the way to go

● Realising how much I can learn about a subject when I am truly into it - nutrition, lifting etc.

● That I didn’t even think twice about going to Europe - friends, family, anything

How did they affect me

● Beginning to see how full-time work is different from people at uni and the drifting it causes

● Created my complex of stagnation - do you know how hard it is to just sit there lifting steel

What I would have done differently or not

● Nothing actually - maybe that one time at steel fixing I would have actually punched Kevo

How I learned for the next epoch

● -

5. Europe and shoes

What things I remember

● Emily

● Meeting Charlsey and doing crazy gambling and clubbing

● Building the chelsea players houses in Ikea

● Realising how lucky I was to be at my age but living in the same house as 30 year olds

● Abercrombie and fitch - how much I hated that fakeness

● All girls and gay guys at shoe school - become best friends with girls only - realising that’s who i grewup with and looked after me and make me feel safe

● Being completely odd - but realising the potential of leveraging it

● The winter made me feel like I was on holidays

● Meeting my closest friends - shay, witty

● I was completely obsessed with training - and it got in the way of my enjoyment

● Falling in love with bek

● Convincing stores and shows to be the world’s first - Premierre classe tuelleries

● Why factories could never make what I dreamt of

● Living in Rimini on the beach in the 1 star and going to the beach gym and riding a bike to the factory

● Living in the kempinski in Geneva

● Being in Awe of Phillippe - but feeling like I wasn’t being brought on the journey

● Finding who I wanted to be my mentor in Xavier - but not getting support

● Hanging with Coco and Charles and seeing how guys like that love life

● Realising how much fashion is just absolute bullshit and everyone is fake

● How building meaningful relationships with people in business is good and bad - Grazia

● Moving to Italy to try and save the company

● Going to private showings with Dianne Von Furstenberg

● Burning down the factory

● Annihilating Philippe and recording it

● Having my first ever panic attack - montreux train station > milan

What major emotional things I remember

● Falling in and out with Bek

● Panic

● Feeling a major lack of business understanding

How did they affect me

● I still get anxiety

● I know what ‘the’ feeling is now, but still haven’t had it again

● It caused me to grow an obsession to build business understanding and processes - because no-one could ever understand the dreams I could invision except myself and I didn’t know how to help others help me execute them

What I would have done differently or not

● Not let hard work get in the way of creativity

● Understood the business model before diving in

● Worked for someone else properly first

● Been harsher in negotiation and decision making

● Kept in touch with the girls from the shoe school + philippe

How I learned for the next epoch

● I can convince people of anything/ to believe anything

● When I front a business people take notice quickly

● Home is where the heart is

● It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing it is who you are with that matters

● To be customer centric, not opinion centric

6. Little Tokyo Two

What things I remember

● The excitement of finding a building

● Negotiating the building cost down $600k and making promises to Michiko

● Gathering friends to build the business with and how much I loved that

● Building the whole building with chappo

● Evan not committing because damian gave him the handcuffs

● Having a unit next to the building so that I could work extra hours

● The energy I get from that kind of commitment

● The success of our opening party

● Signing our first tenants while winging everything at night based on customer tours - Urban Developer

● Not knowing our model but trying whatever we could to be cool/ add value - shucked oyster and martini nights

● Not seeing that we should have remained a creative hub and forcing other growth

● Getting our first 100 customers and doing 30k/mth > Breakeven

● Getting the email about RCL and using that to build out our future

● My struggle to hire operational people that could follow my intensity

● Firing my best friend - not knowing how to manage and coach people - having no tolerance for drugs

● Winning the capital in my flower pants and learning about the win while on the treadmill at gym

● Opening substation without doing any calculations to win that tender

● The first time I realised I could strategically analyse things way beyond anyone else - i.e how I could frame exactly what all competitors were coming to the table with, without actually knowing

● Having Florence - not knowing what I thought, committing for Erin, finding out how much I truly love Florence and having kids and how much she has taught me again about zest, relaxing, appreciating, emotion

● Seeing the future with the software and the Saas services BEYOND the space

● The difficulty of building out software the the costs associated

● Spending 20k/pm on marketing without actually knowing how marketing works or how to achieve it

● Getting too emotionally connected with staff and having them cheat us - Isaac

● Not being comfortable with stopping and making money - but continually innovating and pressing on for ‘the bigger dream’ sacrificing all business stability

● Understanding the importance of operations and structures and the fact that no-one else can work with the same intensity

● Never believing the hype - doing intense DD and testing before committing - Springfield

● Never put all your eggs in one basket - 240 queen

● How true leadership skills can get people to do things beyond what they believed possible - 4 day full business turnaround

● Taking 2 days off to talk with people about the picture and what was happening + what to expect - how powerful that was

● How being undercapitalised really does hurt growth and opportunity

● Giving away too much time and energy for free

● How important staff recruiting strategies and DD is

● How much I don’t care about what people say about me - or maybe how I can cop it without it really affecting me

● How much PR works for and against you - how PR and your last name can affect your family

● How different people deal with crisis - some hide, some cry, some reflect and move forward, some do it themselves and some need others

● How many people care about their ‘image’/’reputation’ over you - how tall poppy does exist and how there is no respect for leaving it all out there

● 10 highly skilled people can do the work of 100 normal people

● People in larger organisations can’t think or organise fast enough - Organising YBF for BM

● How small changes in peoples’ lives makes them resent you until they realise what you have to do - the Substation conversation

● Learning to read fast and learn fast is an extraordinarily important skill - for your future staff too

● Always pay your lawyers and accountants first

● Rylan + Ryan

What major emotional things I remember

● Bringing the team on the vision journey

● Finding out who has the metal to stay on through the tough stuff

● How rumours can affect people around you - Anthony, defamatory PR

● How my situation affected everyone around me rather than me

● How itchy I was to do something again

● How important it was to write and reflect

How did they affect me

● Found a lot of clarity about who I would and wouldn’t give time too in my life - both personally and who I would work with and target in business

● I’ve become extremely systematic and analytical

● I realise that I can see things that others can’t and it’s rare to have the ability to join high-level strategy/vision with execution

● I can’t sell things I don’t believe in or have buy-in with

● I have to think about my actions and how they affect my loved ones - because I am immune does not mean they are - Georgia’s comments about Fisherman’s Club

● I won’t give up my daily time with Florence

● I thrive with exercise and routine

What I would have done differently or not

● I would have done the same as Steve baxter and put Lt2 up for sale

● I would never put all my eggs in one basket

● I would have raised capital to expand our programs

● Innovation can kill

● Only build, imagine, hire and manage after you understand it first

● I would have sent a defamation letter after the first article

● I would have completed the liquidation end-to-end myself

How I learned for the next epoch

● There are strong pros and cons of big fish small pond

● Being systematic, data driven and experimental is the only way

● People who can see patterns are rare

● Blind optimism is a true thing

● Focus on core business elements only until they are a machine

● Collect money

● Take your money

● Do nothing for free

● Consider your partners before getting in bed - i.e government and how that will effect your position/ decisions moving forward

● Choose business with future scenarios and tailwinds

● Find the funding or buy-out and work backwards

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