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Warren Buffet in this talk explains the opportunity cost of comparing what you can get now VS what you can get later really simply.

Every early stage business i've met struggles with sales and marketing. They hire the wrong sales people, try variations of hiring interns to do marketing, agencies to do SEO and end up switching, changing and being let down. Invariably we all burn huge amounts of money trying to figure out how to best acquire customers and make sure we are telling the right story.

In my last business I spent from $400/pm up to $20k/pm on marketing trying to figure it out.

The ISR sales group on the Gold Coast are meant to be amazing for sales training, but the problem is if you don't like sales you'll still have to do them and if you do the sales - you'll still have to figure out how to continue improving. In business you are meant to put staff where they work best and it might take you forever to figure out what even is worth tracking and pursuing.

^^ I stole this from YC

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Consider this:

Over the last few months I've been helping teams with great products that are struggling with sales and coming in to ramp up their revenue generation in a quick period and leave the processes, systems, strategies and tactics along with replacements of myself as part of a package.

I'm currently helping 8 teams, but I think there is a bigger play here...

There is a big opportunity to build a team that takes great products and partners with 'non-salesy' technical founders and build out the list above.

Right now I know people that are keen on partnering to do this that are literally the best I've ever met in;

  1. Complex sales strategies

  2. BD

  3. Direct sales

  4. Inbound marketing and funnels

  5. Community building

  6. Development

The proposal.

As a team, we could work on an upfront fee to build out a holistic strategy (which you could use to raise money to build out the sales execution if you didn't have the cash readily available) ,plus, a retainer to execute the strategy (until it is at a solid and validated point) and then recruitment fee's to recruit ourselves out of the job so you can continue doing your best work with a sales and marketing team executing a solid and performing portfolio strategy.

The question is.

Like Andreessen Horowitz (a16) does in the US - they build training and recruitment into their fee's and try to mitigate their risk with the teams they invest it - would some Aus VC's be interested in putting our fee into particular investments they make - so that we can nail the entire sales/marketing department and hand it over afterward? OR, if you are a team with a great product but no experience in sales/ marketing - would you want a service like this?

Pass this on if you do.

P.s all of my posts are first drafts, my researcher will buff them out — so make sure to write in and ask for extensions or explanations if you are interested.


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